DGS Digital Datasets

In the same ways as our printed publications, digital data released by the DGS represent the results of original professional research and as such are used by professionals and the public.

OFR18 A Numerical Indicator of Water Conditions for Northern Delaware

Numerical indicators, or indices, are widely used to measure the status of complex relationships. As such, indices have become accepted by researchers and the public in such disparate fields as economics, air quality, and weather. In this paper we explore the formulation of an indicator of water conditions in northern Delaware, propose formulas that may be applicable, and test those proposals against long-term records of basic data. The need for a simple indicator of water supply conditions in Delaware, and especially in New Castle County, has become increasingly apparent.

Earthquake rattles New Jersey and Delaware


A minor earthquake occurred near Pennsville, N.J., at 9:44 a.m., Wednesday, July 1, according to the Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) at the University of Delaware. The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 2.8, was recorded at the three northern stations of the DGS seismic network.

Earth's shift rattles state, some nerves - Centered in N.J., quake sounded like a loud noise


When the earthquake hit a little before 10 a.m., everyone who heard the crack and felt the ground rumble thought something had exploded or crashed. Chimneys fell over, windows shattered, people panicked -- on Oct. 9, 1871. The magnitude 4.1 earthquake that shook Wilmington that morning -- the most intense temblor ever recorded in Delaware -- easily outshook the magnitude 2.8 quake that hit the state Wednesday morning.