DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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First State Geology newsletter available online

In support of the University of Delaware's sustainability efforts, the Delaware Geological Survey is offering its First State Geology newsletter as an online document.

First State Geology features news about Delaware geology and water resources, recent DGS publications, and DGS staff activities.

DGS Reinvents Itself on the Web

Screenshot of the new DGS web site
Date: Sep 2010

The Delaware Geological Survey has unveiled a new version of their public web site. Although many of the technologies employed are consistent with modern web standards, giving the user a familiar feel and comfort level, particular attention has been paid to information and the retrieval of it. The site is designed to encourage users to explore content they wouldn't other wise read.

First State Geology Vol.1, No.1 is published

First State Geology Vol.1, No.1 - Summer 1983
Date: May 1983

First State Geology offers news on Delaware geology and water resources, on recent DGS publications, and on DGS staff activities as a twice-per-year newsletter publication.

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