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DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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Greenville (P60A) Seismic Station


The seismic instruments located at the Greenville, DE location were adopted by DGS from the Earthscope Transportable Array, which consists of a network of 400 high-quality, portable broadband seismometers that are being placed in temporary sites across the United States. DGS adopted two of these Earthscope stations, P60A in Greenville, DE and Q61A in Milford, DE. This program provided an outstanding opportunity for Delaware to enhance its seismic monitoring capabilities in the future, and upgrade current antiquated equipment.

The equipment at this station was installed on 2013-04-28.

For more info, visit the station page at the Array Network Facility.


  • Quanterra Q330 Datalogger
  • Streckeisen STS-2 Broadband Seismometer
  • Setra 278 Microbarometer
  • NCPA Infrasound Microphone
  • MEMS Barometric Pressure Gauge

Latitude: 39.8113
Longitude: -75.6358
Elevation: 110 meters (NAVD88)

Photo Gallery
Looking East from Greenville P60A Seismic Station
Looking North from Greenville P60A Seismic Station
Looking South from Greenville P60A Seismic Station
Looking West from Greenville P60A Seismic Station