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DGS Groundwater Resources Data

October 10, 2014

DGS Groundwater Resources Data

Many of our stakeholders know well that DGS has maintained a network of wells that are used for groundwater level and quality observations since the 1960’s. At this time 13 different aquifers used for water supply are monitored regularly with more than 80 wells. Many of these wells are equipped with automated pressure and temperature sensors that record data every 15 minutes. A small number of wells are equipped with automated conductivity sensors to help track if salt water problems are developing. Field and office work follows written protocols drawn from the US Geological Survey, US Environmental Protection Agency, programs in other states, and our own experience.

As of October 2014, our data resource holds more than 165,000 records of manually measured water levels and daily mean water levels derived from the automated sensors. Self-service access to these data and statistical products is available through the DGS home page from the water resources link. In addition DGS stores nearly 9 million records that were collected by the automated pressure sensors. We are adding nearly 1 million new records to this dataset every year. More than 45,000 groundwater temperature records have been added to our water quality dataset. These 15-minute water level and temperature records are available by contacting the DGS offices.

For questions and information, contact DGS at, 302-831-2833