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GM11 Geology of the Ellendale and Milton Quadrangles, Delaware

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GM11 Geology of the Ellendale and Milton Quadrangles, Delaware
Publication Type:
Geologic Map
Publication Date:
Jan 2001
Ramsey, K.W.

The surficial geology of the Ellendale and Milton quadrangles reflects the geologic history of the Delaware Bay estuary and successive high and low sea levels during the Quaternary. Ramsey (1992) interpreted the Beaverdam Formation as deposits of a fluvial-estuarine system during the Pliocene. Sediment supply was high, in part due to geomorphic adjustments in the Appalachians related to the first major Northern Hemisphere glaciations around 2.4 million years ago. The Beaverdam Formation forms the core of the central Delmarva Peninsula around which wrap the Quaternary deposits.

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Ramsey, K.W., 2001, Geology of the Ellendale and Milton Quadrangles, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Geologic Map 11 , scale 1:24,000.

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Additional Notes

Map Scale 1:24,000.
Centroid: 38.81, -75.38