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GM13 Geologic Map of New Castle County, Delaware

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GM13 Geologic Map of New Castle County, Delaware
Publication Type:
Geologic Map
Publication Date:
Sep 2005
Ramsey, K.W.

This map shows the surficial geology of New Castle County, Delaware at a scale of 1:100,000. Maps at this scale are useful for viewing the general geologic framework on a county-wide basis, determining the geology of watersheds, and recognizing the relationship of geology to regional or county-wide environmental or land-use issues. This map, when combined with the subsurface geologic information, provides a basis for locating water supplies, mapping ground-water recharge areas, and protecting ground and surface water. Geologic maps are also used to identify geologic hazards, such as sinkholes and flood-prone areas, to identify sand and gravel resources, and for supporting state, county, and local land-use and planning decisions.

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Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Ramsey, K.W., 2005, Geologic Map of New Castle County, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Geologic Map 13 , scale 1:100,000.

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Additional Notes

Map scale 1:100,000.
Centroid: 39.57, -75.60

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