DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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Tag Index

  • Data Format (21)

    File formats for digital datasets being distributed by DGS.

  • Geologic Time (42)

    Geologic time periods specifically referred to with respect to the page content. Particularly common with descriptions of subsurface geologic formations, fossil identification, and various publications.

  • Geologic Units and Aquifers (124)

    Geologic rock units (formations, complexes, etc..) and aquifers specifically referred to in the page content. Particularly useful in geologic unit descriptions, various publications and datsets, and hydrogeologic resources.

  • Geology Keywords (143)

    Geology Keywords describe the topical nature of the content, specifically relating to geologic (or physical science) terms. Nearly every page on the DGS web site utilizes Geology Keywords.

  • Minerals (119)

    A listing of minerals that have been found in Delaware

  • Misc Keywords (98)

    For misc items, typically for top-level terms that are not covered by other vocabularies. Examples include GIS, DataMIL, education, conference, field trip, mapping, etc...

  • Place Keywords (155)

    Place keywords consist of official administrative place names (like counties or municipal boundaries), aggregated or local names (school district, development, cultural name like Boyd's Corner), and areas based on geographic feature (coastal plain, piedmont.) Most, but not all, pages on the web site utilize place keywords.